By Samandra


04 Apr 2013


Hello! I’m Samandra, originally from Brazil, now making a home in Utah, USA. My blogging journey began in 2009, driven by a passion for sharing the wonders of design, photography, DIY, and visual arts.

My life is a blend of diverse joys and pursuits. I value strong friendships and the thrill of travel, embracing summer’s warmth and striving to find joy and creativity in the cold winter season. Helping others, learning, and self-improvement are pillars of my everyday life. My spiritual path finds me at church, embracing the peace it brings and reveling in God’s creation in nature, which constantly reminds me of the beauty and diversity of our world.

Every year brings new dimensions to my life. In 2023, my journey took a turn towards exploring natural healing, delving into ways to nourish both my body and soul. This commitment to finding healing is a reflection of my path towards self-care and overall wellness. The Samandra you encounter today is a person in constant evolution, always growing and eagerly embracing new experiences and knowledge.

My educational journey includes a BA in Communication Studies with a minor in Professional Writing and Rhetoric from Brigham Young University.

This blog is a window into my world, a place where creativity meets inspiration. Join me on this path of ongoing transformation and discovery! ✨ ✨