By Samandra

Likes Pod

19 Aug 2020

IG Pod Rules (last update August 12, 2022)

Rules of the IG Pod

Although this should be something that everyone should do, often people skip reading it, and later ask the same questions in the chat group that is answered here. If you ask/comment anything on the group chat, or privately to me, that can be answered by reading this page, you will get a warning. If you don’t find an answer on this page, feel free to ask us.

This rule page may look like a lot of information, but trust me, this is one of the easiest pods that you will ever join. 

What is this group intended to do?

This is a group for people who are interested in increasing their Instagram engagement by interacting with others who are in this group. 

Do I need to pay to be in?


Who are the Admins?

Samandra @samandravieira/@samijphotographer 

With co-admins:  

Teane @TeaneMoungaPhotography

Samantha @sabelmoments

*You are required to follow all admins’ accounts above!* If we discover you are not following all the admins, you will be removed from rounds that day if you dropped, and then given a warning. 

Sometimes admins change, so keep an eye out and be sure to follow any new ones that are announced. You do not need to follow anyone else in the pod.

1. How does it work?

Join the Groups

First of all, be sure to be added to BOTH groups.



Keep all the conversation on the chat group and all the rounds issues on the round group. Anything that’s not dropping your IG link, and “done”, and warnings.

What’s a round?

A round is a certain time to drop your links and receive likes back in return.  

Which days and what time do the rounds happen?

Days: We have rounds Monday-Saturday. There are no rounds on Sundays.

Time: Rounds are from 9 am-6 pm MST.  You have until 8 am MSTnext day to comment “done.”

You are required to like all the links that people drop here if you are joining that round as well. If you are not, you’re not required to.  

I have more than one account, can I drop more than one link? 

Yes, although you can only drop one link per account.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are dropping links from different accounts, please put “account 1” and “account 2” by them to avoid confusion. Post “done” for each account you use.

How to post the links:

Drop your picture link to the rounds group (ex: you would copy the link of your pic which would come this way the final link should be like this: without all the part after the /?igshid)

This is an example of what the instructions look like:

  • post the link to the pic that you want to get the like
  • remove all the text after the / and be sure to remove the thumbnail
  • add a c+, s+, or sh+ if you want a comment, save, or share
  • you can like the pics as people are dropping them 
  • comment “done” once you are prompted that grounds are finished and you are complete with your portion of liking

Add your account @ to your name or when posting “done.”

You must post your Instagram handle when posting “done” at the end of a round if it is not in your Telegram Name. Post “done @ighandle” or “done”, only if you have your IG handle in your user name.

Why do I need to say ‘done’ at the given time?

This is a way to be sure that all of you will be giving and receiving likes.

What if I comment “done” before I finish liking everything? 

You should comment after you are actually done. Commenting “done” before, it’s a warning.

I missed rounds! Is there some way to still get likes?

Sure! You can always drop your link in the chat group, saying “I missed rounds, I’d love to trade!” Then whoever wants to can interact with your post, and you should interact with their latest post as well as a courtesy.

DO NOT ask for a trade before rounds happen. Only do this if you have missed rounds that day.

What if I want a comment or a save on my post as well?

This pod is mainly for likes, BUT if you would like a comment, save, or share, post a c+, s+, or sh+ along with your link. You must then reciprocate whichever + you posted with whoever else posted the same one. (For example, if you posted c+ and 3 other people did, too, then you must comment on their posts and they must comment on yours.)

Oops! I accidentally interacted from my personal account instead of the account I dropped. What should I do?

That’s okay! No need to do it over. As long as everyone got interaction on time from you from somewhere, and you got interaction on the account you dropped.


In order to have an organized and functional group, it’s important to follow the rules.

-Warning: If it happens for the first time.

-2 weeks suspension: if it happens for the second time.

-3 weeks suspension: if it happens for the third time.

-BAN: if it happens for the fourth time.

Check the warning list here to see if your name is in there. 

You should repair the things that are repairable (Saying done, Commenting, liking pictures, following others, etc.) before joining a new round, otherwise, it’s a ban.

***Every 6 months (Jan 1 and June 1), the admins will delete your warnings.  So you get a clean slate every 6 months.  

3. BAN

If I get banned that mean that I will never be able to join the group again?

Those who are banned will be added to a “banned list” and won’t be able to join the group ever again.

Can I join the group again if I get removed from the group for using all my warnings opportunities?

You will be able to join the group again by paying a $20 fee to the admin, and you will start again in the group with no past penalties accumulated. Although, you should be able to manage warnings without receiving a ban since we are resetting the warnings every 6 months.

Why should I pay a fee to join the group again? Didn’t you say that it’s free?

This will help you to be aware of the rules and to reciprocate as directed.

Can I join the group again if I leave for a while?

Yes, you can. 


Can I invite people to join the group?

Yes, you may! As long as they are family-friendly/safe for work accounts. Meaning: no nudity and no hate speech. It must be your original content; you may not add someone who posts others’ work. 

Can I comment on people’s pictures if I am on suspension?

You can’t drop a link when it’s round time, but you are free to comment/like as you wish. Others aren’t required to reciprocate if they don’t want to. 

I enjoy some drama and I like to shake things anywhere I go. Can I add some drama here?

DEFINITELY NOT. Drama people are not a good fit for this group, and I will be banning all drama people that show up here. Don’t assume things, don’t say rude things, and don’t say what you wouldn’t like to hear or that other people would read about you.

What if I don’t like the rules of this group?

I accept suggestions but if I decline, please respect and move on. Have any questions? Come to talk to me. Message me PRIVATELY to make suggestions.



We are not required to follow/interact. We spend SO much time behind the scenes gathering people to join, making the rules, and making sure that you all follow the rules. It’s like a job, without the pay. 

If we post for a trade, we will be giving back, of course. But when it’s on rounds, we aren’t required to.

Are you accepting new co-admins?

Not at the moment.