By Samandra

Secret Cove – Lake Tahoe

31 Aug 2021


I saw this location on the Internet, and I really wanted to go because of these big rocks. There was only one uncomfortable detail: the Secret Cove is a nude beach. I don’t really feel comfortable seeing naked people, but I decided that I’d still go.

It happens that people were actually naked; I’d just not look at them again. Luckily, there was only one bare butt the first time we went there. There were a couple more on the second time, so we didn’t stay that long there. Besides this fact, this beach was one of my favorite locations in Tahoe!


There was a little hike, and later I found a shortcut that made it much quicker on the second visit.

Here are the coordinates for this location:
Park somewhere on the road by this coordinates: 39°09’22.9 “N 119°55’48.5” W

Stay on the side that you see the ocean, and start to head down on the trail. When you meet the crossing trail, take a left and keep going this way until you see the directions to the Secret Cove. It will show signs of “clothing optional,” which means you’re in the right direction. LOL.

Wearing Lovestitch dress.


Emerald Bay – Lake Tahoe

22 Jul 2021


Summer has been busy as I’m doing school, an internship, and trying to keep it all together. I went to Tahoe in the middle of June, right after finishing the Spring term at BYU. Different from all the trips before, I didn’t plan anything until I was there. That was certainly a bit uncomfortable because I don’t like wasting time on the trip doing that, but I also didn’t have time to plan for it before. But it was good to have done things this way, and I learned that doing nothing is also doing something. So I allowed myself to woke up and just be. I didn’t need to have a full schedule while at Tahoe. I just needed a break from the crazy life, and it was all so good and refreshing.


I did tons of research on Google to find information about the locations. Often, the information I found was unclear if the place was a hike, by a parking lot, or something else. I decided then to make this post as clear as possible so you can plan accordingly to your mood on the day. After all, we aren’t always in the hard-hiking-mood, ammright?


There are different places that you can see Emerald Bay Island. This was one of my favorites, and it’s a must-to-go location. The best of it all? All these pictures were taken by the parking lot! Not hiking required. From the parking lot, you can spot the island with a prime view.

If you are feeling in the hiking mood, go down the Vikingsholm Trail, that’s also accessible from the same parking lot. I have made only half of the trail, but if you decide to go all the way down, it’s a relatively easy 1.7 hike that will take you to the Vikingsholm Castle.


I like soft light images, so we sat on the rocks and waited for that perfect light that’s an hour before the golden hour. You can see that the light in these pictures doesn’t look the same, as they were taken at different times. If you don’t care much about how your pictures will look, any time should be good to go! Emerald Bay is always blue and beautiful.


It’s a good spot to have a picnic or just chill.


How to get there: Search on Google Maps for Emerald Bay State Park or paste these coordinates: 38.95434742509013, -120.10966981711792

Wearing Lovestitch dress.


Good at Naps

27 Apr 2019

Totally unrelated to the pictures, but I wanted to share with you something that happened to me yesterday…

I got home, cleaned the room, and made plans for the evening. But before that, I thought that I deserved to lay down for a bit just to “rest my eyes.” I bet I’m not the first to tell myself this little lie. Lol.

I woke up in the middle of the night, and reluctantly went to brush my teeth and went back to bed. Funny that if I fall sleep without brushing my teeth I ALWAYS wake up during the night to do it. I guess my body knows I don’t like to be without a brushed teeth. haha

Anyways… I woke up from this 12 hour nap this morning and man, that was good!

I haven’t always been this good at naps. I remember while growing up I was the only one who wouldn’t take the traditional “afternoon naps.” My brain was always in full speed that nothing could make me turn it off during the day, even if I wanted. Then, there was I, trying to entertain myself while all others were napping.

But today I’m not just good at naps, because I’m GREAT at it! Lol. What are good at? haha