By Samandra

5 Tips for Taking Purr-fect Pictures of Your Cat

28 Feb 2024

1. Let There Be Light, But Not Too Bright:
Good lighting is the secret to great photography, and this holds true for cat photos as well. Natural light works best, so try to take pictures during the day when the sun is not too harsh. Overcast days are ideal because the clouds act as a natural diffuser, eliminating harsh shadows and bright spots that can make your cat squint or turn your photo into a silhouette.

2. The Eyes Have It:
A cat’s eyes are windows to their soul, so make sure they’re in focus. Use the portrait mode if your camera has one, as it will help keep the eyes sharp and create a beautiful background blur. If your furry friend has dark eyes, try to capture them in a well-lit area where their eyes catch a bit of light, adding that captivating sparkle.

3. Patience is Key:
Cats are notorious for doing what they want, so patience is vital. Keep your camera close and be ready for those impromptu moments. Sometimes, you might need to sit with your camera at the ready for the perfect shot. Treats can be a helpful bribe for a pose, but the best photos are often the ones where your cat is naturally curious or relaxed.

4. Get on Their Level:
To capture the world from your cat’s perspective, get down to their level. Sit on the floor or lie down if you have to. This angle makes your cat the star of the show and allows you to capture their environment from their point of view. It also makes your cat feel more comfortable and less intimidated, which can lead to more natural photographs.

5. Capture Their Character:
Every cat has a unique personality, and your photos should aim to capture that. Is your cat lazy, playful, regal, or a hunter at heart? Take shots that show off these traits. Playful cats in action can make for dynamic images, while a serene shot of a lazy cat can be just as powerful.