By Samandra

The Routine for Clean Pores

23 Sep 2021

The routine, THE ROUTINE!

(If you have seen Friends read it with Monica and Ross’s voice. Lol.)


This routine has been saving my pores from accumulating oil and dirt, which later turn into acne. I first saw this clay mask as a recommendation from someone on Instagram (I can’t remember who it was), and I decided to give it a try. Since then, I have been using it religiously every week, and my pores couldn’t be happier.

This clay is made of calcium bentonite that comes from volcanic ash and contains over 50 minerals. Bentonite clay has a negative charge, which binds to positively charged molecules or ions, removing all your skin’s impurities such as toxins, dead skin, and oils. It’s also antibacterial, and it has several other healing properties that have been widely studied. Just do a search on Google Scholar if you’re intrigued by this. ;)

  1. I use an exfoliating mitten that helps to remove the clay out of my face.
  2. Once all is clean, I use a tab of facial cleanser on a brush to remove the rest of the clay in my pores.
  3. Dry the face.
  4. I wait a few minutes to apply the other products as my skin is sensitive, and it might give a burning sensation if I apply right away—It’s like using a deodorant spray right after shaving. It hurts.
  5. Then I apply a hydrating serum, moisturizer, and SPF. I keep my routine simple for the next few days, so my skin can recover from the intense detoxication it just had. 

The products I used in this routine:

Meet my Fur Babies

10 Sep 2021


When you see these pictures, you could never imagine that I hated cats while growing up. Yes, using the word hate is undoubtedly the right word to describe how I used to feel about these animals… I didn’t like cats because I was mainly exposed to feral cats, and they were not nice to me. So I based my experience on that, and my feelings towards them only changed when I met a lovely kitty that came to my door.

We fed him, and he kept coming every day to say hi. Something funny is that I took a bunch of pictures and videos on my camera. Later I was at the airport, and I saw a Brazilian celebrity, Serginho Malandro. I asked his assistant to take a picture of him and me. His assistant said, “the card is full.” I had to quickly decide to keep the cat’s pictures or delete them to take a picture with the Serginho, which of course, I chose to keep the cat pictures! LOL.

While living in Sao Paulo, my neighbor had this friendly cat that used to sit on the sidewalk. I often would leave a few minutes before my appointments so I could pet Nino.

Also, the internet cat’s memes got me loving them even more. That’s when I wished so bad I could have cats, but afraid of having an allergy attack, I stayed away from them. Then, I moved with some friends who had these cute kitties, I fell in love with them. She let me call them my babies, and I created an Instagram account for them to share some of the billion pictures and videos I take of them on my phone.

Cats now are my favorite animals! Who would ever guess it could happen?!

Wearing Lovestich Athena Top.


Secret Cove – Lake Tahoe

31 Aug 2021


I saw this location on the Internet, and I really wanted to go because of these big rocks. There was only one uncomfortable detail: the Secret Cove is a nude beach. I don’t really feel comfortable seeing naked people, but I decided that I’d still go.

It happens that people were actually naked; I’d just not look at them again. Luckily, there was only one bare butt the first time we went there. There were a couple more on the second time, so we didn’t stay that long there. Besides this fact, this beach was one of my favorite locations in Tahoe!


There was a little hike, and later I found a shortcut that made it much quicker on the second visit.

Here are the coordinates for this location:
Park somewhere on the road by this coordinates: 39°09’22.9 “N 119°55’48.5” W

Stay on the side that you see the ocean, and start to head down on the trail. When you meet the crossing trail, take a left and keep going this way until you see the directions to the Secret Cove. It will show signs of “clothing optional,” which means you’re in the right direction. LOL.

Wearing Lovestitch dress.