By Samandra

Strawberry, Peach & Lemon Smoothie

16 Mar 2019

Last year I took a Science of Wellness and Nutrition class at BYU, so I could learn more how to take care of my body. Since then I have been doing a lot of new things such as eating more fruits and vegetables.

I have to confess that eating these two wasn’t an easy thing to me. I’m always on the run, with little time to prepare meals, and often the fruits and vegetables that I bought went bad in the fridge. But I wanted it to change. So I made a list of all the excuses that I used to not eat fruits and vegetables.

My excuses in the past:

  • I don’t have time.
  • I’m lazy to eat something extra (apart from what will make me full) along the day__eating isn’t my favorite thing.
  • I feel overwhelmed by all the things I have to do that I don’t want to add something else.
  • I don’t want to go grocery shop every week, and I don’t like to eat fruits when they are too ripe.
  • I can’t eat all those varieties they say in the same day. It’s too much!

After I found out what were my excuses it was easier to me to make a plan to change it. I encourage you to do the same.

My solution:

  • I have always loved fruit smoothies such as the others we found at Jamba Juice. I would make my own “Jamba Juice” yummy smoothies to make me motivated to consume the fruits and veggies I needed.
  • I started to put all the ingredients (but the juice) in a small Ziplock bag and put it in the freezer. Each morning I prepare one of these bags, and have a fresh and healthy drink to start the day!

What I found out:
My fruit smoothies taste WAY BETTER than the ones at Jamba Juice. After awhile taking smoothies daily, there was a day that I didn’t have time to prepare it so I just grabbed one at Jamba Juice thinking that it would be the same, but… I was wrong.

Jamba Juice’s smoothies have sherbet and frozen yogurt added to it which makes it to not taste like fruit, but much more like something sugary that you don’t want. I also couldn’t feel the texture of the fruits, because they probably don’t add much of it.

I’ll be posting more tips that I have learned along the way with other smoothies’ recipe posts. So stay tuned. For now, get the recipe of this yummmyyy fruit smoothies inspired by the Jamba Juice Surf Rider, but way yummier. ;)

Strawberry, Peach & Lemon Smoothie

3 strawberries
1/2 peach
1/2 lemon
1/2 cup of Simply Lemonade juice.

Blend it all and enjoy this simple and delicious fruit smoothie!


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