By Samandra

Video: 30 anos de Macs em 2 minutos

01 Jul 2010

E viva os Macs!

Via swissmiss



  1. Venessa Warboys | 14 de June de 2013

    Hey, I read your blog post and loved it. Have you ever thought about getting your interior done?

  2. Anisa Sohl | 14 de June de 2013

    Thanks for the share

  3. Jacob Greco | 13 de June de 2013

    Ditto to Ginny re: posting the earlier letters for new subscribers. Alsocan you explain to us who wrote the January letters?

  4. Big Beautiful Women Videos | 13 de June de 2013

    The following you go Fresh, a MC that’s worthy of your co-sign. Her past mixtape was nutz and I won’t be able to wait around for your EP to drop. Again, there exists very little wrong with getting various (i.e. Drake when he initial arrived out) but whatever it can be your promoting has being warm.

  5. Luiza Boaventura | 2 de July de 2010

    Que máximo!
    A Aple realmente é precursor do design e da tecnologia…

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